7 Things to Do in Palawan Island, Philippines

Among the most beautiful islands in the Philippines is Palawan. It offers you stunning beauty as a result of its several attractions. For instance, you will be impressed by the stunning underground river you’ll find in Puerto Princesa. Additional things you will enjoy doing on this island include diving, hiking, and cliff climbing.

This detailed post gives you seven things to do in Palawan, Philippines.

1. Motorbike Riding as You Explore the Island

When in Palawan, you should consider renting a motorbike and explore the many parts of this island. Along the way, you can enjoy viewing the amazing scenery, waterfalls and Nacpan Beach. For the best outcome, you should consider carrying out this activity in the afternoon.

a girl on a bike

2. Hiking the Twin Peaks Located at Nacpan Beach

If you choose to visit Nacpan Beach as part of your things to-do list, make sure you hike the twin peaks found on this beach. The result is you will enjoy breathtaking views of this beach along with the seawater. As you get near the top of these peaks, you will notice that it can be a bit steep, but it’s a manageable activity.

3. Visit the Nacpan Beach

One of the hidden gems in Palawan Island, Philippines, is the Nacpan Beach. The locals love this beach, so if you have time, you should consider checking it out.

For you to get to Nacpan Beach, you can choose to take a motorbike. It’s to the north of El Nido city on a straight route. However, if it’s during the rainy season, you should avoid going on your own using a motorbike. That’s because it can be a challenge riding the motorcycle.

4. Visit the Islands Found at El Nido

All tour agencies in El Nido organize four main tours in El Nido. They include tours (A, B, C, D), the most popular one being Tour A. It’s the package where you will get the chance to view three different beaches along with two lagoons. The moment you go on this tour, you will realize why this place is popular. Additional activities you can enjoy while at El Nido include snorkeling and having lunch on the boat.

5. Cliff Climbing

While at El Nido, you can decide to enjoy cliff climbing at Tarawa Cliff. However, for the best outcome, you should avoid attempting to climb the cliff during the rainy season. You will love the views from the peak of this cliff if you choose to do it during the sunny season. Make sure you hire the best tour agency to enable you to get the best service.

6. Diving

If you love marine life, you will enjoy diving in El Nido. Among the sea creatures that you will encounter include the barracudas, trumpetfishes, and lionfishes, which you should avoid going near to. During the monsoon season, you will love diving at El Nido. You should hire the best travel agencies to arrange your visit.

7. Check out Puerto Princesa’s Underground River

If you’re visiting Palawan, you should make sure you check out Puerto Princesa’s Underground River. It’s a World Heritage (UNESCO) site, and offers one of the most impressive cave systems in the world. As part of the conservation efforts, you’re required to pay for an audio device to reduce the noise levels, which may disturb the bats and other creatures living in the cave.

underground river



The above informative post on the seven things to do in Palawan, Philippines should make you consider traveling to this amazing island. Make sure you read online reviews of the best tour agencies to enable you to have an exciting and successful visit.