Best Places to Spend The Winter

During the summer months, many European cities will usually be full of tourists. However, you should realize that you can avoid these crowds if you choose to enjoy your vacation during winter. For instance, if you can embrace the chilly and cold temperatures, you will have plenty of choices.

In this informative post, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to spend the winter while in Europe.

1. Paris

One fantastic city you should consider spending your vacation during winter is Paris. The reason is it’s full of charm and feels alive. You can warm yourself by sipping coffee in the many romantic cafes open in this amazing city. Among the places, you can enjoy visiting are museums, which are less crowded during winter.

2. Rome

Rome is one of the best places to spend the winter since it offers you many iconic sights. On the other hand, you’ll have plenty of choices if you want to warm up. That’s because you can decide to sample this city’s incredible pizza and wine, which are world-renowned.


3. Venice

When it’s the winter season, Venice is Italy’s low season, which means you may enjoy budget-friendly hotel rates along with affordable airfare. Although you may still find many tourists during this time, the lines will be shorter, which means you will love being around. In case you visit in January or February, you will enjoy witnessing the exciting festivities of Carnevale.

4. Berlin

Berlin happens to be Germany’s trendiest city. The only thing you’ll need to do during wintertime in this city is to wear cold weather attire. You will love the snow-lined rooftops and streets. If you want to save some money, you should experience the open air Christmas markets in this amazing city, which means you may not have to pay for accommodation.

5. Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria offers you beautiful castles, Baroque architecture, and cathedrals, which are covered in snow during winter. These attractions make it one of the best places to spend the winter.

Additional reasons to tour this city include the skiing attractions and Christmas bazaars.

6. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a French port city, which offers you cool weather during winter. It may not be filled with snow, but you will enjoy your holidays by checking out its popular Christmas markets. Your visit won’t be complete if you fail to sample it’s amazing downtown bars’ wines.

7. Seville

Located in Andalucía province, Spain, the summer temperatures in Seville can be unbearable. That means if you want to enjoy the best vacation during winter, you should tour this city when it’s winter. For example, you will enjoy the holiday markets and Christmas traditions. Other things that you’ll love include lower hotel rates and fewer crowds.



If you were searching for the best places to spend the winter, the above cities in Europe should be among your top options. Ensure you plan your travel budget well and read online reviews of airlines and hotels to enable you to to get the best deals and services.